About Us

SKAAH Infra Private Limited (SKAAH) believes in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and drive to achieve the set targets through the implementation of our various projects.

The growth, knowledge and our contribution to a better society is part of our core values and we want our company to obtain a good recognition in the adoption of sustainable development agenda.

SKAAH is committed to make significant contribution to the good infrastructure for health and education, work for clean water and sanitation, focus on affordable living and clean energy, generate productive work force to support the economic growth, play a strategic role in the Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, build sustainable smart cities and community facilities, and consider climate changes, appropriate use of ecosystem and join the global partnerships for sustainable development.

SKAAH is specialized in all civil projects and possesses a rich experience in the infrastructure buildings and maintenance works. The company has various implementation models i.e. EPC, BOM, BOT, etc.

Our Goals & Objectives:

  • To contribute to the society as part of our social responsibility.
  • To implement eco-friendly measures towards the clean and green environment.
  • To ensure safe environment.
  • To ensure safe environment.
  • To create maximum value for the customers.
  • To become the best implementation partner.
  • To encourage Innovation and Technology.
  • To maintain integrity, team work and professionalism.